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Hazel Mercantile Limited (HML) is a new generation software product development company. Our products help customers in consolidating and managing business information and knowledge in a structured manner through an easy and simple mechanism.

We are a part of 'Groupe Veritas' [GV] - a multifaceted group with a global presence, strong capital base and up-to-date infrastructure. Guided by visionary leadership, manned by over 650 highly intellectual professionals and years of experience in multiple vertical domains, GV excels in providing flexible, value-for-money products and quality services.

In line with GV's corporate guidelines, HML's software products are specifically designed by keeping in mind the organization / industry requirements and the possible shortcomings therein. The outcome thus, is the creation of world-class products that are applicable to all levels of hierarchy in SMEs / Corporates / Institutions as well as to professionals and Public Sector undertakings.

HML's organizational structure has been developed to compete effectively in the ever-changing Indian market. By embracing change as an opportunity for action, HML always responds effectively. HML's strategic framework is based on 4 core values - customer focus, operational excellence, product leadership and people.

HML understands that people are central to creating a world-leading organization that delivers outstanding solutions on all kinds of metrics - be it in developing the latest technology, providing cutting-edge services or attaining process milestones. HML strongly focuses on its organizational objectives such as improved performance, competitive advantage, integration and high-quality customer service.

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